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Aluminum Fasteners

Here at The Nutty Company, Inc. we stock many fasteners made from Aluminum.  However do to current economic conditions and the volatility of the Aluminum market it is very difficult to maintain pricing on our website for Aluminum Fasteners.

 We do however stock very large quantities of Aluminum Hex Nuts, Aluminum Flat Washers and Aluminum Acorn (Cap) Nuts and therefore can control the pricing on these products and post our current pricing.

Aluminum Products List

Please contact us for current pricing.


Hex Head Cap Screws   Heavy Hex Bolts   Bus Bar Bolts   Hex Nuts

Hex Machine Screw Nuts   Cap Nuts (Acorn Nuts)   Wing Nuts

Nylon Insert Lock Nuts   Heavy Hex Nuts   Breakaway Nut     Flat Washers

Beveled Washers   Lock Washers   Round Head Machine Screws   Flat Head Machine Screws

Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws   Flat Head Sheet Metal Screws   Round Head Wood Screws

Flat Head Wood Screws   Phillips Pan Head Self-Drill Screws

Hex Washer Head Self-Drill Screws   Tamper-Resistant Machine Screws

Knurled Thumb Screws   Binding Post Screws

Threaded Rod   Sign Bolts & Clips   Tamper Proof Fasteners