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9" Long High Speed Steel Drill Bits - U.S.A.

MAGNUM Super Premium (Series Type XTG) Drills outperform ordinary jobber drills by penetrating faster and lasting longer. Additionally, MAGNUM Drills offer: Superior strength and durability provided by M7 molybdenum high speed steel. More holes per drill than ordinary twist drills, especially in cordless power tools. These high-speed drill bits have a functional black and gold surface treatment that holds lubricants for smoother drilling and torsional strength. Meets NAS 907B aircraft specifications. 135ø split point for fast penetration and accurate starting without a center punch. Precision ground point, flutes, body, clearance and drill diameter for the ultimate in accuracy and performance. Body and clearance are gold surface treated for maximum lubricity. Heat treated at 2185øF and then nitro-carburized finished at 950øF to be measurably harder than high speed steel. Space age nitro-carburized steel withstands substantially higher drilling temperatures, while maintaining sharpness. Recommended for use in work hardening grades of stainless steel and other hard metal drilling applications.  We have carried the MAGNUM Super Premium Drill for the past 10 years and have yet to come across better High-Speed Steel Jobber Drills for the money.

 Our MAGNUM Super Premium line of drills cannot be compared with drills sold in hardware stores or the Big Box home improvement stores as the MAGNUM's are superior in every way.

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