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Forged Galvanized Eye Bolts


Drop Forged, Hot Dipped Galvanized
Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26 

Regular nut eye bolts are used in rigging hardware for securement and serve as a connection point for anchoring, pulling, pushing, hoisting, and other rigging applications. The regular nut eye bolt is non-shouldered, meaning that it is only used for vertical or in-line lifts and are not intended for angular loading. 

These regular nut eye bolts are drop forged, which is a method used to form the steel by dropping molten metal into a heated billet to form a specific shape. This makes it extremely strong as it is made of one continuous piece of metal. 

Each eye bolt is then hot dipped galvanized for a protective zinc coating and all bolts meet or exceed ASME B30.26 requirements.


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