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Oval Links


Oblong master links are welded oval shaped links, which are used in overhead lifting applications to attach chain slings and crane hooks. Each master link is made of Grade 80 Alloy steel and is finished with bright red paint.

Grade 80 oblong master links are available in numerous sizes, ranging from ½” to 3-1/2” for nearly all types of overhead lifting applications and projects. The working load limits range between 7,400 to 279,000 lbs. and each piece is made to Specifications ASTM A952 and ASME B30.26 SPEC.

Oval (Oblong) Shaped Sling Links, Grade 80
Trade Size Grade 80, Painted
Working Load Limit
in Lbs. (Single Pull)
Approx. Weight Each
in Pounds
Inside Length
Inside Width
1/2" 7,400 .84 5.00" 2.25"
5/8" 9,000 1.6 6.00" 3.00"
3/4" 12,300 2.2 6.00" 3.00"
1" 26,000 5.0 8.00" 4.00"


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