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Stainless Steel Screws

The Nutty Company Stocks a full range of Stainless Steel Screws:
  • Machine Screws in Round Head, Flat Head, Pan Head, Truss Head, Oval Head and Hex Head; all in Slotted, Phillips and Square Drive.
  • Sheet Metal (Self Tapping) Screws in Pan Head, Flat Head, Oval Head, Modified Truss Head, Truss Head and Hex Head; all in Phillips, Slotted and Square Drive.
  • Self Drilling (Tek) Screws in Phillips Pan and Flat Head and Hex Head
  • Deck Screws in both Bugle (Flat) Head and Trim Head; Square and 6 lobe (Torx) Drive;  18-8 and 316 Stainless
  • Phillips Flat Head and Hex Washer Head Concrete Screws
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