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Hex Head Timber Screws

Timber screws have durable epoxy coating for pressure treated lumber. Hex head timber screws have special locking thread at finish with wide spread wood screws threads below that provides a full 3 inches hold in wood. With self -piercing point and saw tooth timber screws easier to enter wood.

*         Timber frame construction
*         Construction framing 
*         Landscape retaining walls 
*         Decking 
*         Fencing 
*         Log home construction


Timberjack timber screws speed installation, enter wood smoother and hold stronger than the leading timber screw. The special "U" shaped thread locks-in at the finish, reducing pullouts by 200%. Bonding timbers together stronger and reducing expensive call backs.

Timberjack timber screws conform with I.C.C.-E.S. reports that allow for the use of polymer-coated fasteners in contact with treated wood. Also, the protective coating exceeds 1000-hour salt spray tests under ASTM B117 and meets 15 cycles of Kesternich tests. Timberjack screws are recommended for ACQ, CA and CCA treated lumber, as well as cedar and redwood construction.

Tensile Strength 1,460 lbs
Shear Strength 1,010 lbs
Pull Through (length >6") 
Southern Pine (0.55 spec gravity) 260 lbs
Douglas Fir (0.50 spec gravity) 294 lbs
Spruce (0.42 spec gravity) 224 lbs
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